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Anyone involved in building will tell you that, where there’s water, it will find a way. I took a few minutes today to consider the presence of both waterways that bound the south and west sides of the Original Townsite: the Muskrat River and Crispin Creek. They converge just south of the old mill and its former mill pond. With little experience in geology, I’m guessing that these will look very much like other streams in Iowa, Illinois, or Indiana. So eBay has provided images that I believe can be adapted to the Agincourt context.

Numbers 1 and 3, could be quiet stretches of the Muskrat, especially upstream toward the “lake country”. Number 2, with its prominent erosion could be east of town near the source of Crispin creek. And number 4, I imagine as a gulley that handles runoff in heavy rains but is dry most of the time. A little photoshopping will edit out the captions. And some time looking at the larger context may find ideal locations for each of these views.

Makes me wish I’d had geology as an undergraduate.

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