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Hetty Pegler’s Fish & Chips


At roughly 1,138.8 miles from the Gulf of Mexico, you’d imagine that decent fish & chips would be a fruitless quest hereabouts. And you’d have been right until six years ago when Esme and Hamish Gibbs came to town and opened their public house in the old opera house.

“Hetty Pegler’s Public House” (that’s where the word “pub” comes from, an abbreviated form of “public house”) is named for one of Esme Gibbs’ 17th century ancestors in Gloucestershire, Hester Pegler. Ms Pegler had no connection with either fish or chips (as far as we know), but she did own the land where an ancient burial mound (a tump), an archaeological site, can still be visited, a few miles from the village of Uley.

Coïncidentally, early Fargo architect George Hancock was born about five miles from the tump.


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