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Lisbet Schulz [dates uncertain]


[From the Community Collection, a public trust in Agincourt, Iowa]

SCHULZ, Lisbet [dates uncertain]

Three Birds on a Branch


color woodcut on paper /

The influence of Japanese ukiyo-e printing made a strong impression on British and continental European artists early in the 20th century. English artists like John Edgar Platt—represented twice in the collection—is an obvious example; and other British artists followed suit. In France, the style was literally japonisme, but it found wide acceptance among the printmakers of Germany as well. Witness this print by German artist Lisbet Schulz, “Three Birds on a Branch”.

Prints of all sorts—whether woodcut, lithograph, etching, or serigraph—reached a wider audience than painting or sculpture because they are multiples, that is, original works of art produced in small quantities. Do not confuse these with mass-produced works by Redlin or Kinkade, which are mechanically (photographically) reproduced in virtually any number and which the artist has simply signed.

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