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The New Normal (1.3)



The name of Agincourt’s second esteemed educational institution has been bandied about for several years, with no resolution to the big question: What is the history of Northwest Iowa Normal College? That’s unlikely to be resolved this afternoon, but I do want to make not of two important issues: 1) what is the college motto and is it in Latin or Greek? and 2) what is the mascot of its sports teams?

As a nominee for #1, I offer “μιλήστε γρήγορα και αφοσιωθείτε σε τίποτα” (Talk Fast and Commit to Nothing). It’s pronounced, “milíste grígora kai afosiotheíte se típota”. You’re welcome.

Meanwhile, some nominees for #2 have already been taken: the high school team are the Muskrats and its Double-A baseball team are the Archers. So what’s left?

PS / Update [20 minutes later]: Problem solved via Robert: The Pomegranates., a.k.a., The Pips.

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