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Psychogeography (again)


Long before I’d encountered the word psychogeography, I had enjoyed several authors who have turned out to be central to it as an emerging discipline. Four earlier entries here have touched on it, albeit lightly, and I suspect it will come up again. Especially as I explore what it means for the Project.

  • Iain Sinclair’s Lud Heat was my first exposure to the idea. And it was tough wading through Sinclair’s style.
  • And Machen showed up twice, especially his essay on wandering. [Machen, for me, makes a much easier read.]
  • Then there’s Keri Smith’s The Wander Society, a gift from a student in my 321 class, and the sequence of books by University of Wisconsin faculty member Yi-Fu Tuan, who passed just this past August. R.I.P., Professor Tuan.

In addition to Machen, Sinclair and Smith, another author just appeared on my radar: Colin Ellard’s 2015 book Places of the Heart: the psychogeography of everyday life. There’s a degree of satisfaction in mucking about in this project, only to discover I’d been fumbling with real wisdom but not doing terribly well at it. Maybe Ellard will help.

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