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obliti abhorrentes


obliti abhorrentes

Hard to believe that Agincourt will be one hundred and seventy years old next year — counting from townsite acquisition, rather than incorporation, but who’s counting besides me. At any rate, I feel a celebration coming on, even if it happens nowhere but between my ears. Suffice to say [is it ever thus?], there’s a great deal to be accomplished before next October 25th, viz.:

  • certificates of honorary citizenship, there being currently just over a dozen
  • the municipal standard (i.e, city flag) with its motto “obliti abhorrentes”
  • completion of the Methodist church — which has engaged me for about fifteen years
  • and a whole bunch of additional graphic “evidence” (stock certificates, advertising, posters, electioneering shit, the public library card, transit tokens for the NITC trolleys and interurbans, etc.)

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