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Herbert Grunwaldt [1928–2014]


[From the Community Collection, a public trust in Agincourt, Iowa]

GRUNWALDT, Herbert [1928–2014]

“Aus Alter Seemanns-zeit” /

etching / 1977 / signed

21.5 cm by 30 cm (image) / unknown edition

“Shanty ‘Shenandoah'” / 

etching / 1969 / signed

20.5 cm by 37 cm (image) / #17 of 50

A website established to represent the artist’s estate includes this biography, here translated from the German:

“The Hamburg artist Herbert Grunwaldt began his artistic career by studying at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. There he studied free art with the lecturers Willy Titze, Wilhelm Grimm and Alfred Mahlau.

“Inspired by the special feeling of nature but also by observing romantic genres, such as the way of life of the Sinti and Roma and the atmosphere of circus performances in his childhood, to impressions from literature and music, an artistic journey from the naturalistic to the surreal emerges. Thus in his work clear observation is mixed with fantastic interpretation. His pictures thus become creative translations.

“In addition, Herbert Grunwaldt was inspired by Nordic landscapes. His artistic sensitivity towards maritime motifs is particularly evident in his depictions of ships, which have a very special aesthetic. He was a master of the line and so his entire work is characterized by uncompromising clarity. Of particular note is his masterful watercolor technique, which shows a wide range between graphic drawing and painterly overall composition!

“In addition to his personal involvement in the benefit exhibitions for Amnesty International, Herbert Grunwaldt’s works are presented in the form of exhibitions and publications.”

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