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James Albert Holden [1881–1956] / Richard A. Loederer [1893–1980]


[From the Community Collection, a public trust in Agincourt, Iowa]

HOLDEN, James Albert [1881–1956]

Tall Ship

color woodcut / 12 inches by 10 inches / open edition?

no date

Painter, muralist. Born in Stockport, England on June 26, 1881. Holden was taught to paint early in life by his father who was a fresco painter. In 1904 he immigrated to Oakland, CA where he was a pupil of Richard and J. H. E. Partington. Later he served for many years as art director of Pacific Railway Advertising Company. He painted landscapes of northern California and many murals in homes and public buildings of the San Francisco Bay area before his death in Oakland on Jan. 13, 1956. Member: SFAA; Bohemian Club; Bay Region AA; Society for Sanity in Art. Exh: Oakland Art Fund, 1905; Calif. State Fair, 1910 (gold medal); San Francisco Art Association, 1912-13; Sequoia Club (SF), 1914; Oakland Art Gallery, 1932-44 (prizes); Santa Cruz Art. [from an on-line biography]

LOEDERER, Richard A. [1893–1980]

Pirate Ship

color woodcut / 14 inches by 10 inches / 191 of 300


Richard A. Loederer was born in Austria. He studied at the Reinmann Schule in Berlin, and at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. In the USA, he worked in advertising in the 1920s, and as a book writer in the 1930s (‘Ozark Mountain Folk’, ‘Vood Fire in Haiti’). Loederer worked as an animation art director for the Amedee J. Van Beuren studios and at RKO. He was also present in the National/DC comic books of the mid-1930s, illustrating features like ‘Brad Hardy’, ‘Bubby and Beezil’, ‘Caveman Capers’, ‘Jumpy and Bunny’, ‘Midshipman Dewey’ and ‘Weird Asia’. He additionally worked as an editor. [from an on-line biography]

Coincidence has been a common occurrence in the Community Collection, such as the arrival recently of two works in the same medium and of the same general subject. Though they each merit individual treatment, we post them here together to make the point.


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