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Note to Self



There’s one hell of a lot of stuff remaining to get done in Agincourt before all the sand runs out of my hourglass. More people than I ever expected have come to play in the sandbox of history with me and may even have had more fun that I’m having: making stained glass windows or wrought iron wreathes, writing sesqui-centennial fanfares and setting Shakespeare to song; crafting the sesqui-centennial quilt; imagining an Orthodox religious icon of Saint Ahab, patron of obsessive-compulsives; writing the corporate history of the Northwest Iowa Traction Co.; or a dollhouse for what might have been a little girl’s last Christmas. Well, you get the picture.

Just as a reminder — and a temptation to anyone paying attention — here is what will be a growing list of “wants”, in no particular order.

  • “Agincourt, the Board Game”.
  • A play for the local theatre company.
  • The Agincourt Archers double-A baseball team (uniforms, roster and stats, season poster, etc.)
  • Infrastructure: the story of the city’s water, sewer, and telecommunication — lines in chronological order, no less.
  • The Pandemic. Enough said.
  • A National Register Nomination for one of Agincourt’s buildings, possible Christ the King or St Joseph-the-Carpenter.
  • A model of Asbury Methodist Church, but just the front elevation.
  • The FitzGerald Flynn mausoleum at The Shades.
  • The Square and all its testosterone-laden war memorials.
  • A whole bunch of other graphic designs for posters, certificates, membership cards, etc.

Others will be appended here as they come to mind. Oh, and if none of this gets done, that’s O.K., too. I just won’t die with a smirk of satisfaction on my face.

Thanks for watching this space.

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