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Commercial Vernacular


Broad Street and a short distance away, east and west, would have been Agincourt’s commercial core. Even today much of the community’s buying and selling would still be situated there, though with a smear across the northern city limits which became County Hi-way #7.

From the Square and the Commons, the two blocks north would probably be more “substantial”, i.e., two- and three-story brick fronts on twenty-five-foot lots. I’m guessing that two blocks south, toward the Milwaukee depot, might be a mix of smaller, less fashionable businesses, like shoe repair, and the occasional tavern. This image from the internet—too expensive for my budget but fair game to “borrow”—was too good to pass by: a two-story shop is unusual, in my experience, and of more than a little interest.

All that glass! I’ve rarely seen so much and such large panes. Handsome proportions, too. Someone exercised a lot of good judgment.

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