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David Hahn [contemporary]


[From the Community Collection, a public trust in Agincourt, Iowa]

HAHN, David (contemporary)

“Moonlit Pasture”

oil on canvas panel / 8 inches by 10 inches


Hahn is a contemporary Bucks County artist represented by several galleries. One of them says of him that:

Hahn’s work strives for an atmospheric harmony and symmetry that evolves from the landscape. His compositions are achieved by a balancing of color, bringing contrasting hues into areas dominated by opposing colors, thus, creating a mosaic unified by the patterns of light. The reality of trees, brooks, and waterfalls loose themselves in a visual transcendent poetry.

In his twenty years of painting, Hahn has studied other American Impressionists, Edward Redfield and his student, George Sotter, in particular, giving his style roots in the French Impressionism of the 19th Century. Many Americans, Redfield among them, studied under the French Impressionists and brought the school of thinking back to this country. The Pennsylvania Impressionism that evolved from this trans-Atlantic school has many distinctive painters, each seeking to transfer the energy of a moment’s vision onto canvas.

Hahn has exhibited throughout Bucks County and has taken top awards in several of the area’s juried shows, among them are the Tinicum Arts Festival, The Riverside Festival of the Arts, and the Chestnut Hill Fall for the Arts. He has, also, been the subject of three one man exhibitions at the Stover Mill Gallery in Tinicum Township. In April, Hahn was awarded Best of Show and Honorable Mention in the Doylestown Art League’s 2006 47th Annual Members Juried Show. In July 2006, he was awarded Honorable Mention at the Tinicum Arts Festival. In 2007, he was awarded the George Christian Award in the Doylestown Art League’s Juried Exhibition, 4th prize in the Lititz Juried Art Show and 2nd prize in the Tinicum Arts Festival. In September 2007, Hahn participated in the 78th Juried Art Exhibition at Phillips Mill.

The melancholy color palette invites comparison with another small work, “Woman in a Park at Evening“, a much earlier piece by Antonio Maria Aspettati.

This is one of a group of five works given anonymously in memory of Amity Burroughs Flynn.

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