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Agincourt goes on-line!


Unless something really unforeseen gets in the way, the Agincourt Project will be going on-line during the next few months. That means several things:

  • We’ll be working with a computer-knowledgeable person (i.e., not me) to whip this thing into some sort of negotiable state.
  • It means trimming the content down by about 90% (i.e., eliminating all my fulmination about the current state of politics and my bowels).
  • There will be wondrous new tools for getting around the site, an improved search engine, and other guideposts.
  • The appearance will, I hope, be stylish—at least my notion of style—without being slick. Remember that admonition: Nothing looks so old as that which once looked so new. so I’d vastly prefer tasteful rather than a la mode.

I do have one concern, which I suppose should have been broached long before now: Who owns copyright? Given that things on the web tend to outlast their creators, that’s an issue requiring some attention. Though the notion of having “literary executors” is pretty far-fetched.



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