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ARCH 771, Fall 2020 1.2



AUG -/26/28 –/W/F Introduction: Who we are. What we’ll (try to) do. How and why we’ll do it. // Negotiating a Project
AUG 31/ SEP 02/04 M/W/F Town Formation in the 19th Century: NW Ordinance of 1787; Courthouse squares; Plains Country Towns (Hudson) // Context and Background
SEP -/09/11 –/W/F Architectural Styles and Building Technologies of the late 19th and early 20th CenturiesWhat Style Is It? Style is more than fashion. // Sources
SEP 14/16/18 M/W/F Infrastructure: H2O and other municipal services; governance // Architecture as “The Vitruvian Trilogy”: Utilitas, Firmitas, Venustas
SEP 21/23/25 M/W/F Institutions/Initiatives/Innovations: War and its consequences; Prohibition; Public health; Social change; Historic Preservation // Housing Stock: More diverse than you might imagine // Progress (sketchbooks)
SEP 28/30/ OCT 02 M/W/F Some Buildings and Their Stories: Syndicate Mill; St Ahab’s/Christ the King; St Joseph-the-Carpenter; Asbury UMC; Fennimore County Courthouse; NITC; Aidan and Cordelia Archer; etc. // Progress (preliminary design)
OCT 05/07/09 M/W/F Narrative & Design: Strategies for story-telling as an aspect of place-making; other opportunities for design. [I’ve shown you mine. Now show me yours.] // Community as Genealogy: Families // What’s your story? (Every building tells one)
OCT 12/14/16 M/W/F Project Review: Your selection and background work toward individual projects, 15@30 minutes (perhaps grouped by type, period, or place)
MID-TERM ASSESSMENT: Is this working? If not, why not? If so, how so? Is it yielding unexpected benefit—serendipity? Constructive feedback is a two-way street.
OCT 19/21/23 M/W/F By this time we’ll have a good idea of our progress and adjustments can be made for the second half of the semester.
OCT 26/28/30 M/W/F
NOV 02/04/06 M/W/F
NOV 09/-/13 M/–/F
NOV 16/18/20 M/W/F
NOV 23/-/- M/–/–
NOV 30/ DEC 02/04 M/W/F

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