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NITC (2.5)


In the nature of a recurring theme, “The Way Things work”, here are some ideas about N.I.T.C. facilities.

Toward an Interurban Timetable <a work-in-progress>

  • Ft Dodge
  • Barnum 10mi (fs)
  • Manson 9 mi
  • Pomeroy 7.5
  • Grou Jct 9 mi (fs)
  • Agincourt 8 mi
    • Industryº
    • Fennimore County Fair (seasonal)º
  • Fahnstock 7 mi (fs)
    • Resort 5 mi (seasonal)º
  • Newell 10 mi
  • Storm Lake 12.6 mi
  • Alta 6 mi (fs)
  • Aurelia 7 mi
  • Cherokee 8 mi
  • Meriden 8.5 mi (fs)
  • Marcus 10.5 mi
  • Remsen 8.5 mi
  • Le Mars 19 mi
  • Merrell 7 mi
  • Hinton 7 mi (fs)
  • Sioux City 11 mi

fs = flag stop

º = connection with Agincourt City Lines

italic = projected extension

N.I.T.C. Corporate Imagery <likewise, a work-in-progress>

The NITC Depot at Broad Street and Louisa also served the Agincourt City Lines streetcar “system”, a one-way figure-eight loop with probably a single car operating at one time. In addition to its regular stops (marked with a sign), the city line also served three additional points: regular stops at Industry on the Muskrat’s west bank, and seasonal service to both Sturm & Drang and the Fennimore County Fairgrounds. Another possible service point might have been the cluster of cemeteries at the city’s east edge.

Inspiration for the integrated system’s stations could have included four related designs, perhaps growing from one germ idea: 1) a festive fairgrounds shelter; 2) a more serviceable stop at Industry (likely to have heavier traffic morning and evening); 3) the original shelter in the Commons, used until the main depot was complete; and 4) a modular unit adaptable to several of the stops along the main line.

Inspiration comes from one Frank Lloyd Wright design included in the Wasmuth Portfolio, the River Forest Tennis Club.


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