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Ruth Kerkovius [1921-2007]


[From the Community Collection, a public trust in Agincourt, Iowa]

KERKOVIUS, Ruth [1921-2007]

“Page from a Fable”

color lithograph / 13 inches by 10 inches (image) / #4 of 27


Two recent additions bring the number of Kerkovius works to five, only one of them a painting. “Page from a Fable” suggests an adult, rather than juvenile, story being told — something from the mysterious East involving birds rising miraculously from their own ash. If she were inspired by an actual fable or one of the artist’s own invention, we’re unlikely to know.

The 1960s were a particularly fruitful for the artist, with exhibits in several cities through out the Midwest. One of those was at the Wasserman Gallery at Northwest Iowa Normal School in the Fall of 1968, though this work was no part of that exhibit.


  1. Kathleen Hoffer says:

    I’ve just recently learned of Ruth Kerkovius’ work. I’ve been trying to find any images of her textile designs but have been unsuccessful. Does your collection include any of her textiles, or can anyone give me a source for images? I’m very curious to see what she might have designed.

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