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John Ivor Stewart [1936-2017]


[From the Community Collection, a public trust in Agincourt, Iowa]

STEWART, John Ivor [1936-2017]

Vétheuil” [top]

oil on board / 11 inches by 11.2 inches

“Blackthorn Wind” [center]

oil on board / 9 inches by 9.2 inches

“Abstract Landscape” [bottom]

acrylic on board / 10.9 inches by 11.1 inches

all ca1970

Maureen and William Bendix built a mid-century Modern home in the Riverside Addition on the west edge of the city and furnished it with pieces which quickly became classics. Today their home would be featured in Modern magazine as a de facto museum for the period—were it still intact. The Bendixes have passed away and their daughter Estelle Bendix Morreau lives elsewhere. But we have the benefit of four mid-century Modern artworks she has given in her parents’ memory.

How the Bendixes became aware of British artist John Ivor Stewart (a near contemporary of Maureen Bendix) is a mystery. They became enthusiastic collectors of his work, however, acquiring more than these three small pieces, each less than the size of a long-playing record jacket (a comparison for those with an equally long memory). “Abstract Landscape” is particularly representative of a later mid-century color palette and aerial landscape distilled but still clearly recognizable.

“[John Ivor Stewart] studied at Belfast College of Art 1956-60, Reading University for his ATD in 1960, and later the Cardiff College of Art for his ADAE 1973-74. He was a founder member of the Society of Botanical Artists 1982, and was elected a member of the Pastel Society in 1987. He won the Major Prize as a non-member in 1986 and twice again as a member in 1992 and 1997.”


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