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Hand-colored Postcards


Hand-colored postcards are just that: watercolored by a roomful of women with tiny brushes held by tiny fingers using a palette of basic colors. Most of the artists would never have seen the actual building or scene, so there can be significant variation beyond the simple intensity of color. Witness these two offset-printed images of the DelMar Gardens Amusement Park formerly in Oklahoma City, OK.

The buildings seen here, by the way, were designed by William Abijah Wells, a Kansas-born architect who spent a short time in Chicago attending the AIC; his registration card there reads “c/o Frank Lloyd Wrights, Oak Park”. Tantalizing. Hence my interest beyond having lived in Oklahoma for the seven years it took to get through a five year curriculum. Do the math.

I would love to appropriate these for the Fennimore Co. Fairgrounds in Agincourt.

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