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The latest candidate for conscription into Agincourt’s industrial district is the factory at Mason City, not too far away. Don’t yet know what the Martin Co. manufactured but it probably wasn’t brick, Mason City’s most famous product. I did find this brief notice in 1916: “The Martin Manufacturing Co., Mason City, Ia., is building a large factory at St. Paul, Minn. for the manufacture of tinware.”


  1. Gray Sailor says:

    Yes, domestic tinware and copperware. Apparently sprang up circa 1906 – but for some reason failed about 1916 and it’s machinery was ‘sold by the receiver” to a capitalist from another state. At one point I saw where they were adding branches or sales locations in San Francisco and another location. So it’s interesting that the article you find stated it was building a new factory in another location at what sounds like the same year as it’s demise.Maybe they over extended themselves.

  2. As you can probably tell, we’re cobbling Agincourt together from a wide variety of sources. But it’s been the infrastructure (roads, sewerage and water systems, and the manufacturing) that offer the biggest challenges. So, thanks for that information.

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