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Lake Life


A great number of things fascinate me. But concerning real-photo postcards, there are just two: the images that some people will take, and the finished product that some other people will purchase. Perhaps the photographer in this case was intrigued by the mystery of this one-point perspective, a dirt road disappearing into the distance, revealing nothing of its destination. We must travel the road to learn its secret.

Agincourt’s hinterland is rich with roads like this, and I suspect you’ll find recreation at its end, possibly one of the resorts on the eastern and southern shores of Sturm und Drang. Happily I’ve gathered several RPPCs of the cabins and cottages just as likely to be your reward.

Either of these work for me: not so much cottages or cabins (the former has the notion of quaintness within it), these seem little more than shacks, but I wouldn’t mind at all spending a week reading and writing, with occasional glances across the water, catching the flit of a dragonfly or the fish that broke the surface to feast on it. The sound of owls, busy at night, or the smack of a beaver’s tail warning the kits that a fox is afoot.


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