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Carton Moore-Park [1877–1956]


[From the Community Collection, a public trust in Agincourt, Iowa]

MOORE-PARK, Carton [1877-1956]

The Book of Birds 


book / xx inches by xx inches / 34 pages

Published by Blackie & Son of Glasgow, The Book of Birds was illustrated by Carton Moore-Park,* Scottish-born British painter and illustrator, in a style reminiscent of his near contemporary William Nicholson or Edwin Noble. And like Noble, most of his books interpreted the lives of animals.

Adjunct to the operation of her Montessori school, Mary-Grace Tabor Bernhard collected illustrated children’s books. On her death in 2012, at age ninety-two, the collection including this book, came to the Community Collection as a distinct group in her memory.

*The artist’s name is presented variously as “Moorepark”, “Moore Park”, or the hyphenated “Moore-Park” used here.

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