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Uchida Masayasu [born 1922]


[From the Community Collection, a public trust in Agincourt, Iowa]

UCHIDA Masayasu / 内田 正泰 [born 1922]

Green Hillside

ca 1960s

silkscreen / image 19 inches by 13.5 inches / #25 of 300

“Nature does not make a lie, everything is true, human beings make falsehoods, so I make nature a teacher. It is called the earth of the solar system of the universe. Humans are living as microorganisms above the stars. We would like to end their lives based on this and continue to make Mother Nature’s love form.” — Masayasu Uchida (though this may have lost something in translation)

Ninety-six year old Japanese artist Masayasu Uchida has been a printmaker since his graduation from Yokohama National University in 1943. “Green Hillside” is very characteristic of Uchida’s style, using broad areas of pure color in a subtle secondary palette. Other Japanese prints in the Community Collection are more typically woodblock prints in ukiyo-e or “floating world” style.

The print was acquired from a gallery in Honolulu during a 1960s vacation by Florian and Marian ZaBach and given to the collection by their children.


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