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25 October 2018, a Thursday


Difficult as it may be to accept, a third Agincourt exhibit will open on October 25th this year—a Thursday. I only mention the weekday because Rourke openings are traditionally on Friday (for members and special guests) and Sunday for the public. The first exhibit opened on that day and date in 2007, so there is a certain symmetry with what I assume will be he last exhibition (during my lifetime). And exhibit #2 closed on 25 October 2015, the actual 600th anniversary of the eponymous battle.  Both of those events premiered new music by Daron Hagen, Agincourt’s official composer-not-in-residence, and this year we may also hear something new. New works of art and craft are also afoot, so plan to join us. If I could be four inches taller and thin, Howard Tabor would be your host for the festivities but since I can adjust neither my height nor weight (except in the wrong direction) please content yourselves with me. Howard sends his best, by the way.

New works will expand the stories of Rose Kavanaugh, principal at Charles Darwin Elementary school; of Saint Joseph-the-Carpenter Episcopal Church, celebrating its 150th anniversary with new baptismal basin; and consecration of Saint Ahab’s Chapel at Christ the King. For my part, the second Fennimore county courthouse—though struck by lightening fifty years ago and replaced with a spectacular example of mid-century Brutalism—is one of the unfinished buildings still churning my imagination (i.e., gut).

Looks like it’s going to be a busy summer.



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