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Drama Therapy (1.something)

The first task in realizing Reinhold Kölb’s drama therapy is the playhouse” itself. Two examples come to mind: #1) Frank Lloyd Wright’s puppet theatre for his children and those of Mrs Cheney; and #2) Radio City Music Hall. The first is chronologically wrong (circa 1914, long before Kölb’s arrival in the community), while the second is temporally better suited but totally out of scale. Is there a median here?

Puppet Theatre designed circa 1914 / Frank Lloyd Wright

Radio City Music Hall (1932) / Edward Durrell Stone (architect) and Donald Deskey (interiors)

Some of the earlier entries connected with Reinhold Kölb can be found here and here. Jim (a.k.a. Seamus) Tierney is “Ghost of Christmans Past” #19.

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