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This is what Mr Roy Moore should say:

To my Accusers and other Citizens of the Great State of Alabama:

Each of the charges brought against me in recent days by multiple women is accurate and true. I once used my physical strength and position of authority as leverage to gain sexual satisfaction. Those actionable impositions of power over these innocent women are reprehensible. The very human figure who committed them, however, died on __________ <insert date here> when I accepted the redemption of Jesus Christ as my Saviour; when I should also have sought the forgiveness of all those I had wronged, especially these young women, some of them children at the time.

I have improperly used titles of position and authority to achieve power and gratification unworthy of someone Born Again. Today, publicly, I again seek God’s infinite forgiveness and, for the first time, the forgiveness of my accusers. I am willing and anxious to face them and hear their heartfelt expressions of the grievous harm I inflicted so many years ago.

To remove the burden of evaluating the authenticity of this profound apology and expression of faith in the Living God, I now remove my candidacy for election to the United States Senate. Because the vicissitudes of Alabama law will not permit removal of my name from the ballot, if elected I will not serve.

With profound apologies for the damage I have wrought, I ask forgiveness from you all.


Roy Moore

This is what Roy Moore should say but is constitutionally unable to.

And these are the two reasons why Roy Moore is unfit for public office: #1) because these accusations are true and accurate statements of his actions so many years ago; and #2) because he has continued to use titles of office and, more significantly, expressions of religious faith as a shield, to maintain positions of power and authority; because his proud, nearly theatrical professions of the Christian faith are a sham, a costume worn for personal gain.


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