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In April 2011 I blogged about the passing of a friend’s dog and made this observation: “In my sixty-six years I have known many dogs, all of them admirable fellows. Would that my acquaintance with humans had been the same.” The five intervening years haven’t changed my attitude one iota.


As an old person of the human species, I am increasingly drawn to my four-legged counterparts in age and arthritic condition. For in their 7-to-1 ratio of years, there is more experience gained, more wisdom shown, more forbearance demonstrated than the bulk of humans it has been my pleasure (or not) to have known. Such a one is Millie, shown here.

I have to believe Millie has moments of genuine reflection. That face has known heartache and jubilation, sacrifice and satisfaction. She has given much and neither asked nor expected very much in return. She’s earned her time in the sun.

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