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Looking for Mr Goodbridge



Among Agincourt’s six bridges, four span the Mighty Muskrat and two traverse Crispin Creek. Each is from a different era; each serves a different clientele. So, I keep looking on eBay for RPPCs of bridges to photoshop™ into conformity with time and place. This image caught my eye, not so much for the actual bridge, but because of the lazy summer afternoon represented by the six people out for a row. It must be late summer, because the river level is so low; I bet you can walk across.

As for the bridge, it clearly is not for vehicles of any sort: too spindly and the approach ramps are too steep. But it might be a candidate for the pedestrian bridge connecting Northwest Iowa Normal on the east bank with the Fennimore county fairgrounds on the west. The school’s limited site provided little space for recreational areas, let alone a full-blown football field. So an arrangement was made with the County Commissioners and the Fair Board to create shared facilities that can be used by students during the school year and the fair at other times. I’d always imagined it was a suspension bridge that linked them but I may have been wrong. Not for the first time.

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