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Three o’clock muse


We’ve never formally met. But almost any night, some time between three and four an almost tangible presence enters my room. Clouds part, thoughts flow. Diffuse notions coalesce. I am overcome with a creative impulse as ideas rush toward me from all directions. My neurologist has referred me to a sleep specialist, however, so it may be the muse will pass me by.


One motivation for this blog has been an attempt to reconstruct the simple ideas that drove the beginning of the Agincourt Project. Hindsight shows me a random series of events, complex interactions, and unpredictable consequences that created the 2007 exhibit (far more successful than I could have hoped) and the somewhat disappointing (from my point of view, though friends have tried to convince me otherwise) exhibit of 2015, which certainly had its moments — Daron Hagen and Matthew Peterson and their interpreters deserve the musical credit, while Dan Salyards, Christopher Meyer, Mr Vandervort, and a wood craftsman who prefers to remain anonymous gave us  important artifacts I could only imagine.

The muse’s continuing visits have generated new ideas that keep me busy, though few of them will see completion. Still, there is much here to occupy the rest of my creative time. Whatever unfulfillment I feel comes from the project’s ability to generate interest and even enthusiasm, but not actual engagement.

I forget, people have lives.

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