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Just over five years ago it seemed a good idea to reflect on Agincourt — what it had become and how it got there — before the memories were gone like snow on water. So I began this blog for the past, present, and future of the project.

A glance at the stats page reveals little beyond a handful of numbers (though presumably they could be crunched to tell me more):

  • There have been 14,790 views of its 789 entries by 3,076 visitors;
  • The busiest day (last January 13th) saw 253 views;
  • There have been just 148 comments (some of them my own), but 31,752 pieces of spam.

Geographically, visitors have come from nearly half the world’s countries — though most of them probably left spam. All things considered, I’m underwhelmed.

So, thanks to you who have visited now and then. I shall keep posting until…well, I can’t say when it will end. By the same token, neither can I say why it should go on.

Oh, and I am also grateful for those who came to see “Agincourt Homecoming” at the Rourke Art Museum. The exhibition “closing” on St Cripin’s Day, October 25th, 2015 was gratifying, especially those who came so far (Richard, Jeremiah, and Dan among them). I appreciate your belief that the project represents something larger than itself.

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