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Cursive “G”



In the ongoing spirit of synecdoche, I happened to lunch Friday with David Crutchfield. We decided to try “No Bull,” the new place on N.P. and enjoyed our meal and one another’s company. While we lingered over some conversation, Dave Sauvageau, a recent art graduate, came in with someone I didn’t know. And as we chatted about what he’s doing and who he was with, it emerged that Dave is currently working in wrought and welded metal! I need no more stimulation than that.


A half block east of Broad Street on James, Grace Arbogast once operated a dress shop. But it was no ordinary establishment. Grace had been an ungainly child, much abused during her school years in Agincourt. Her story is one I relish. The headline would read: duckling transforms into swan; enjoys resulting karma.

In the fall exhibit, Grace will be represented by a cluster of objects: 1) an artist’s rendition of her shop; 2) an example of her work as couturier; 3) a portrait purported to be the woman herself; and now, possibly, 4) the actual sign that once hung above her shop doorway.

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