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Punch & Judy


As politically incorrect as it may be, the British traditional entertainment “Punch & Judy” continues to fascinate. I was surprised to learn that the iconic 19th century British puppet theatre has roots in 16th century commedia dell’arte, about which I know scarce little. So when Margaret Lloyd’s drawing showed up in  a 1905 issue of The Studio magazine—something I discovered in the mid 1960s—I filed it deep into my memory banks, only to re-emerge as part of Agincourt’s design heritage.

Because it required a high degree of staining (the “stained” part of stained glass), I hoped to find a glazier anxious to take the project on. Enter HaeuserHeil Studios in Waukesha, Wisconsin. I’ve shown you Miss Lloyd’s original design. Now, a hundred-plus years after her vision, I can show you its realization, still awaiting a frame. Haeuser Heil has done us the honor of putting it on their website. So special thanks go to artist-craftsman David Fode.


It’s already found a place at Agincourt’s kindergarten (called Little Ones) so now it remains for me to design its setting.

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