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Myers-Briggs & Co.


INFP, the Healer
INFJ, the Counselor
INTJ, the Mastermind
INTP, the Architect
ISFJ, the Protector
ISFP, the Composer
ISTJ, the Inspector
ISTP, the Craftsman
ENFJ, the Teacher
ENFP, the Champion
ENTJ, the Commander
ENTP, the Visionary
ESFJ, the Provider
ESFP, the Performer
ESTJ, the Supervisor
ESTP, the Dynamo

These graphics and the types they represent (from a website called truity.com) are just too seductive. I’ve wanted to do more reading in Carl Jung, Myers-Briggs and other more “New Age” sources to understand the interpersonal relationships in Agincourt. The extended Tennant family should be my laboratory, don’t you think?

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