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The way things work…


Agincourt Redux will open at the Rourke Art Museum in early September 2015, not in the main gallery where you saw it last time, but in the new second floor spaces that Jim inserted shortly before his passing, as well as the east room. Last week I did some quick measurements—pacing things off with my one-foot foot—and discovered that those three volumes on the museum’s second floor have about the same linear feet of display space as we would have had on the main floor. Hard to believe. Sure, we won’t have the height but the tallest thing I wanted to show was thirteen feet tall and that can be shown more simply.

This shift has done me an enormous favor, because I’ve now begun to re-imagine both what can be included and how it should be grouped. At least two pieces of stained glass will be displayed—a concern I had due to the main floor lighting—and a potential third piece is being completed as we speak: the “Punch & Judy” window that will be part (albeit a politically incorrect part) of Agincourt’s kindergarten, The Little Ones. David Fode, of Haeuser Heil Studios in Waukesha, Wisconsin, is fabricating P&J and will ship it in a few weeks when the leading is complete. We hope you like it.


I think Margaret Lloyd would approve.

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