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The (Un)Common Table


Many of you will know that our friend and sometime collaborator Mr Johnson has been involved with a focused on local food-sourcing. Called The Common Table, it evolved into an award-wining exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair—something that will be enlarged and kept current next year and, hopefully, for many years to come.

Some years back I tried my own hand at this when Howard and Rowan became property owners. In their care, the old Wasserman Hardware building became a bed-and-breakfast on the second floor, above The Periodic Table, a new restaurant that found its food sources with a fifty-mile radius of Agincourt. I haven’t checked back, but let’s hope that chef Rosemary Plička has been successful with her well-intended environmentalism. All of which leads me to wonder how Agincourt was supplied with foodstuffs a century ago. Who were its earliest butchers and greengrocers? And whence cometh that meat and produce? As you might imagine, a certain on-line auction site afforded us some tempting images. I may never own them, but that won’t inhibit copyright infringement.


I feel a story coming on.

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