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The Baptist Fellowship


Agincourt’s Baptist church is the oldest religious edifice in Fennimore county as well as the one in longest continuous service. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


Imagining its design has allowed me to wallow in the Greek Revival, something a Midwesterner isn’t often privileged to do, since the style came with our earliest settlers from New England, New York and Pennsylvania, and was among the first to disappear in the rapid advance of the stylistic smorgasbord that was the Victorian Era. I’ve been privileged to see several intact Greek Revival churches in Connecticut and upstate New York while travelling with my friend Richard Kenyon, but this recent eBay postcard acquisition is closer in spirit to the building I can see in my mind’s eye. I hope you agree it is a worthy prototype.


See why I thought the New York church might work?

By the way, our friend Crazy Richard, ever the sleuth, looked at Holland Patent on bing or google and found it not only still standing (on Main Street, Highway 365), but also led me to information that this building had originally been a Unitarian church—which makes a great deal more sense. The Unitarians moved on and so did the Catholics, so we’re guessing this has become a single-family home. Kudos to the folks of Holland Patent.


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