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Pop Quiz #7


While I’m on the topic of church architecture, consider this charmer:

Pop Quiz #7aImage

All is not what it seems here, though, so take care in your ruminations.


  1. Cat says:

    So, some kind of church in Jerusalem? Or from the movie Chariots of Fire?
    I don’t know; I just like that song.

  2. Too green for the Middle East. The line from “Jerusalem” is a hint that it’s in England, the Welsh Marches actually—Brockhampton-upon-Wye, It’s a 1902 design by William Lethaby, one of the unsung leaders of the Arts & Crafts movement.

    The “all is not what it seems” refers to one remarkable eccentricity: the thatch roofing is real, but it’s laid on a poured, reinforced concrete slab!

  3. I’ve been there twice, by the way, and would happily go again.

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