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For the Byzantophilics out there—and I count myself among you—the finest regional example is Lakewood Cemetery Chapel in Minneapolis at the bottom of Hennepin Avenue. Just drive south; you can’t miss it. The end of your journey will be the most widely known work of architect Harry Wild Jones (1859-1935). He was also the architect of a former Baptist church in Detroit Lakes (long ago demolished) and three buildings in North Dakota (all still standing, at least temporarily).

lakewood chapel lakewood chapel interior

Byzantine architecture is the very soul of modularity. Since that would also be me, then I should find a way to channel the design sensibilities of Anthemius of Thrales and Isodorus of Miletos, two of my favorite guys and all around great architects worthy of our respect.

But where might such a luxurious lump of masonry occur in Agincourt. The cemetery remains a largely unexplored resource. Perhaps I should drive out there for an inspection tour tonight.

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