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As a physical place, Agincourt’s greatest disappointment has been its landscapes. The postcard above reminds me that there are three landscape problems crying out for attention, but I am insufficient to the task:

  • The Square and The Commons at the center of town, our yin and yang.
  • The cluster of three cemeteries at the eastern edge of the Original Townsite (The Shades, Saint Ahab’s and the Hebrew Burial Ground).
  • The Fennimore County Fairgrounds.

I’ll be grateful for volunteers who would at least like to outline their narratives, it not actually give them form.


  1. Barbara Bezat says:

    the commons – Bocce ball court? tree alley? both?

    • I’ve had a “Music Man” sort of feel for the place; straw hats, seersucker, etc. Yes, bocce ball sounds perfect. Thanks for the suggestion. It’s 300 feet square, so there should be room for many things, especially a bandstand and duck/koi pond. Everything that’s the antithesis of the testosterone-laden Square across the street (site of war memorials and all that sort of stuff).

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