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Re-union 1.1


This week my friends Dave Pence (a.k.a. Diesel Dave) and Elizabeth Eiseloeffel celebrate the sesqui-centennial of the Eisloeffel family farm near East St Louis, Illinois. Congratulations and many happy returns for a rare survivor among genuine family farms in the 21st century world of agribusiness. I’m not buying the argument that enormous scale is the only way for growing stuff to make a buck. Kudos to the Penciloeffels and their families—for persistence, if nothing else.


From the growing folio of pix on Dave’s facebook© page, my mouth has begun to water, for there is clearly a banquet of epic proportion in the making. I can almost smell the pies from here. All of which fits nicely in the madness of the moment: This is just one of the many sorts of “re-union” that beg to be incorporated in the Agincourt story. Do you suppose Dave and Elizabeth will let us “borrow” their story? [The pic above, by the way, is an unauthorized filching from his FB page.]

The story will either be appended here or as a continuation in version 1.something.

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  1. Dave Pence says:

    Thanks Ron! Filch away. eLiz’s cousin Mardy has written a wonderful scholarly “timeline” which could be, uhm, “adapted” to a grand story about an Iowa farm about 2 miles S of Agincourt.
    It’s on his computer–I think I can get him to share it. More photos to come.

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