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Apropos of nothing…


Just when you thought books with titles like The Complete Works of [fill in the blank] held all that could be known or shown about someone, along comes new information to rattle your cage. Take Bernard Maybeck, for example, whose oeuvre has been published several times over. Sleuthing on the web yesterday, what should materialize (besides that rather nice image of a town hall in Hildesheim) but an unknown, to me at least, train station by Maybeck in Los Angeles. Odd for a Bay Area architect, but stranger things have happened.

For Maybeckians in the crowd, here is an image.


I probably shouldn’t have said “apropos of nothing…”, because this little gem is in the character of the Christian Science church in Agincourt that was co-authored (in my head) by Maybeck and his co-religionist S. S. Beman.

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