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Agincourt Archetypes (1.0)


I ain’t no Jung, that’s for sure. But Carl Jung has been at my shoulder for the six years of the Agincourt Project.


It’s impossible to imagine a community, physically, and not populate it with characters drawn from both personal experience and general archetypes such as those identified by Jung and extrapolated endlessly by so many others in the spirit of the New Age. You can not only read about them in the scholarly and popular press; it’s now possible to identify your own architype through on-line testing. I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.

Recent experience drew my attention to other adjunct psychological and character traits and suggested that I should get back to Jungiana as a source for enriching the community’s story.


An encounter with a friend who is more rigidly organized than I could ever hope to be caused me to reflect on that psychological catch phrase “anal retentive.” I understood the request that was being made of me and only briefly took umbrage at the way the subject was broached; it could have been so much more parental and perfunctory. Judgmental. Further reflection actually brought a moment of Zen enlightenment, for I, too, am anal. But my sphincter-driven behavior is at the other end (no pun intended) of the alimentary spectrum: I am not anal retentive, I am anal explosive. Many of you will have seen my office, which is ample evidence for this embarrassing but no less factual claim.


So with New Age archetypal charts and other paraphernalia at hand, a review of the full range of Agincourt’s residents will occupy some of my Spring Break.

I’ll get back to you.

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