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Found on eBay


Postmarked “Resort P.O. (Sturm & Drang) Iowa” and dated July 19, 1910, at 7 p.m., this postcard is addressed to Mr Joseph Finney, 1712 9th Street, Des Moines, Iowa.


In accomplished penmanship (there’s a word you don’t hear much these days) the message reads: “Just a view of Smith’s Hotel where ‘the ducks swim in the water + the geese sit on the balcony above.’ No other guests this week so I’ve had the place to myself and written more in 3 days than a month in the city. You’re such a distraction! On Friday take the trolley west from Agincourt to “Resort” and I’ll meet you at the station-store. Kat”

Let’s hope the weather was agreeable and that Joe and Kat had a good time. Do you suppose he distracted her?

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