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The Agincourt Public Library

Despite two degrees that ought to have led to a career in architecture, I never became one. Many will agree with me that this is a good thing, since I would have been a dismal failure: I am the poster child for procrastination. As with several other interests and activities, I have eternally been on the outside looking in: it’s an interesting but frustrating view from where I stand.

That being said, it also won’t surprise many that I’ve been working on the Agincourt Public Library design since the summer of 2006. But with only thirteen months remaining until the next Agincourt exhibit at the Rourke Art Museum (in October 2012, just in time for the end of the world two months later), I need to put the pressure on and get this baby resolved. In the last three weeks, some interesting developments have occurred, including the donation of a beautiful piece of marble that will become part of a full-scale partial model of the front facade.


Completing this thirteen-foot-high column entails designing and fabricating a wrought iron wreath and learning how to paint faux marble (to match the smaller piece being donated). Who knew that all those references to the Asam Brothers would ever bear fruit!

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