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Life (a play in three acts)


by R.H.L.M. Ramsay

Act I

It’s helpful to arrive alive; a one-act ‘s not the way to stay and play.

Enjoy the wetness; soon enough its dry and very like to stay that way.

I’ve got a notion it will help to buy some lotion; apply a little every day.

Act II

Pick a language; it will come in handy. And wear clothes that don’t restrict.

Harken to the barkers; they’ll conflict with one another’s claims. But very soon you’ll read between the lines and lies they ply. Unctuous ointment passed as balm; numbing nonsense; calming psalm.


Coaches for the final act are rare–so very few come back to share. So have a care when they appear to claim a curtain call. Beware!

My advice? Play by ear; don’t waste a tear. Too many have been shed.

Fear ‘s the lubricant for getting dead and staying there. Better hope that friction keeps you here, instead;

Our birth so wet, it’s right that dying should be dry.


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