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Notes to Self


Lately I’ve become a list-maker:
  • Measure twice; cut once. Or try not to cut at all.
  • Read more than you speak.
  • Share energy and enthusiasm; keep opinion to yourself.
  • Wear your heart in public but vent your spleen alone.
  • Don’t keep lists of disappointment.
  • You can touch people at a distance while not feeling someone close at hand.
  • The dictionary often has more truth and wisdom than does Holy Writ.
  • Be careful not to bury dreams and aspirations too quickly; they often only appear to be dead.
  • Teeth placed beneath your pillow turn to cash; don’t buy candy with it.
  • Bask in friendships whether they last a week or fifty years.
  • Intimacy requires no physical contact.
  • Political correctness is always political but rarely correct.
  • Wisdom is simply the dawning awareness of ignorance.
  • Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t teach, criticize.

A few of these I wrote myself. Remind me, when I return to old ways.

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