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The session with Dr Bob last week was productive. I’ve learned that life is a constant state of becoming (trite but none-the-less true), and self-awareness is a multiple-edged sword: I regret much of who I was, appreciate who I am, and enjoy occasional glimpses into my future.

Three years on this particular couch reveal two things: 1) I prefer to be in a classroom over any other place in the known universe; 2) the creation of Agincourt, Iowa has been the most productive and satisfying personal creative experience of these sixty-six years.


Molly Yergens telephoned tonight to ask about Agincourt. She’s just begun an MFA program and wondered whether this project might offer some guidance for a seminar she’s taking. The question du jour is modern mythology and its creation/manufacture/fabrication. Maybe I can help.

In the meantime, check out Molly’s blog and follow her progress toward the MFA. It will be an amazing journey and fun to eavesdrop.

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