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The Agincourt Public Library & Tennant Memorial Gallery


Last month was the unheralded ninety-fifth anniversary of the Agincourt Public Library, the last and best example of Anson Tennant’s brief architectural career. Can’t imagine how it slipped my mind.


As I continue to prepare drawings for Jeremiah Johnson’s model-building prowess, I thought you might like a preview of its elevations to put beside the very preliminary plan published here several weeks ago. Lacking the ornamental skills of a Louis Sullivan (I shouldn’t feel so bad; even Frank Lloyd Wright couldn’t do it), the ornamental flourishes on the ground floor columns are giving me fits: I can see them in my mind’s eye but fail again and again to render them for public consumption. Vince Hatlen has told me of a wonderful metal crafter in the Twin Cities who I hope to interest in frabricating one for the 2011 exhibit.

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