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Spoken into the Void (a parenthetic insertion)


Greetings, fellow blogsters.

As you can probably tell, I am new, very new, to the world of blogging and have yet to comprehend why I am doing this and what will come of it, as they say, “in the fullness of time.” The aspect that utterly astounds me is simple: Who are you 700+ people who have visited and, presumably, read what is here? If at least a few of you are unknown to me–i.e., not current or former students–it might be helpful in suiting our mutual needs if you’d let me know your interests (and consequent disappointment or  frustration, perhaps) in visiting my outpost on the web. I love words; use them far too loosely, but not always well; and appreciate hearing a few in reply.

If responding here is inconvenient and/or uncomfortable, feel free to e-mail me at plains.architecture@gmail.com.

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