Welcome to Agincourt, Iowa

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Welcome to Agincourt, Iowa


On 25 October 2007 the town of Agincourt, Iowa celebrated its 150th birthday with a major museum exhibition, a series of public presentations, and other far less formal events. Coincidentally, it was also the 592nd anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt, Henry V’s decisive victory over the French in the Hundred Years’ War. Most of those October 2007 events will have gone unnoticed by the rest of the world, except for one thing: Agincourt, Iowa, is a purely imaginary place
The Agincourt Project is my ongoing exploration of place and narrative; the sandbox of history where everyone is invited to play. Bring your own shovel and bucket, or we can provide them. Contribute something to the history of “the town that time forgot and geography misplaced,” where the rules are simple, the rewards modest, and the satisfaction without bounds.
So, welcome to Agincourt, Iowa. I don’t live there but some of my best friends do. If you’re passing this way, stop and stay awhile; you won’t be sorry.


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