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kefiyyeh or  كُوفِيَّة

A few years ago I picked up a cheap book (at B&N, of all places) to learn Arabic script — not that I got terribly far. The problem was how many characters took a different form at the end of a word. Then, of course, there’s always that problem, as with Hebrew, of no vowels. But who am I to criticize.

Anyway, in the spirit of the pandemic and international good will and even brotherhood, I went on-line this afternoon and bought a keffiyeh or Arabic head scarf “commonly found in arid regions, as it provides protection from sunburn, dust and sand”, so as to protect others from my sputum, rather than me from theirs. Of course, the next thought to enter my imagination is what this might mean in Agincourt: Can you get one cheap at the H.E.B. or the TG&Y or its counterpart locally? I’ll ask around. Sounds like a special order.

Oh, BTW, look for me in one in a few days, as soon as it’s arrived from god-knows-where.


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