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Six months; 110 posts


Just under six months into the blogosphere, curiosity is getting the better of me. I write to explore; I blog to share. But I also crave feedback.

Google Analytics affords a little insight to who and when people are visiting posterous, so I thought you might enjoy knowing the distribution of my visitors. You know who you are. Here are the countries outside the U.S. and the cities in each in the order of frequency since September 2010:

  • ENGLAND (Lambeth, Hull, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Stoke Gifford, London, Norwich, Manchester, Bristol, Blackburn and Bishop Aukland)
  • AUSTRALIA (Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne)
  • BRAZIL (Pelotas)
  • ITALY (Milan, Brescia and Bari)
  • NEW ZEALAND (Aukland)
  • CANADA (Montreal PQ and Haney BC)
  • PORTUGAL (Queluz and Leiria)
  • FRANCE (Limoges)
  • GERMANY (Munich)
  • INDIA (Hyderabad)
  • IRELAND (Waterford)
  • MEXICO (Tlalnepantla)
  • RUSSIA (Moscow)
  • AUSTRIA (Edelsbach and Vienna)
  • LUXEMBOURG (Luxembourg)

Brazil and BC are easy: current NDSU students. The Italians are descendants of the artist who painted the two small portraits. Portugal, the Czech Republic and Austria are our AFS foreign exchange son Georg who’s commuting between school and home. France and Germany are recent NDSU graduates (Hi, Tanner; hi, Matt). But who the hell are all the Brits, Aussies and Kiwi? And, come on! Tlalnepantla? I couldn’t make that up on my best day. If purpose brought you here, enjoy. If accident or chance, come back soon and sit a spell.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I would not call it commuting – the distance between Portugal and Austria is about a 4 hours flight. But Edelsbach is for sure me – because I am probably the only one using a computer in this village.

  2. R.H.L.M. Ramsay says:

    Who was this Bishop Aukland guy? And did he go to New Zealand or did the folks back home want him to?

  3. R.H.L.M. Ramsay says:

    Two new additions: Singapore and Belgium (Antwerp). Hi there.

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